Rated #3 in Metro Manila

Philippines 041, originally uploaded by paulmonster.

This is my Uncle Jun, who hosts daily live newsbroadcasts, both in radio and on TV. He doesn't have his TV face on here, but in my next post I'll relate how I sat in on a live broadcast and went to a spa and drove through oncoming traffic with my kickass Uncle Jun, a great guy and a generous man of means in Manila. His sister, my Aunt L., works at the US Aid office and she's a rockstar, too.

We're eating seafood at a posh upscale Manila place, run by my Uncles' childhood friend Nicky (not pictured), who just the day before sat out back with me and a bunch of the guys, like a scene out of The Sopranos, and we drank Red Horse beer and talked about love and family, while the mothers and daughters played cards and talked dirty about the local cockfight tournaments.

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