Okay, so I know things aren't always showing up too neatly at the moment. Pardon, o pardon, gentle reader, my poor blogging skills; it's this business about uploading photos through flickr that I'm still working on straightening out. (Frankly, I'm not particularly disposed to insert a link to them right now.) (Nor am I disposed to convey any modicum of thanks to the inept, emasculated blogger folks, whose usefulness license I have utterly revoked.) (Impersonal, vague directions about referring to your help engine is quite unhelpful, you ass-hats.) (And fuck you, Firefox.)

Thankfully and luckily for me, thrice-loved folks like The Lioness have been kicking around in these unwieldy Polyform inner-works, and slowly but surely, we're getting there.

So while I work on this, enjoy the pretty pictures.

That's all. Back to work, all you glorious bastards.



The Lioness said...

It looks good on IE, like always, I can't see a problem w your site. Must be your browser. Because: "(And fuck you, Firefox.)" - YES. Firefox is a bloody pain in the arse is what it is. I can't stand the thingy and, much like iPods, don't see what the fuss is all abt.

paulmonster said...

Yeah, the honeymoon's worn off for me, too.

On some pcs my blog looks like it overdosed on growth hormone steroids, the letters are big and cartoony. On firefox it looks okay, but now I don't trust what it looks like on firefox.

I now rely on threats and dreadful imprecations to keep things in line online. Seems about as effectual as anything else I can do.