The Family.

Philippines 030, originally uploaded by paulmonster.

My Grandma is on the far right, admiring my beautiful half-niece B., whom I'm meeting for the first time. That would be me, there, with my half-brother's mother on my right.


The Lioness said...

OH LOOK, Paul's here!!! Yey!!! Hi Paul!! *Enthusiastic wave* I love seeing the faces of the people I read.

You're rigth, you're not dainty. Oh bah, so much for phenotypical stereotypes. :DDD

Sallyacious said...

What a beautiful group of people. Or group of beautiful people. You know what I mean. Very attractive foursome. Your grandmother looks MUCH younter than I expected. From the way you spoke of her, I thought she was about 100.

paulmonster said...

Hello, yep, that's me. How strange to think that these bytes and pixels now look upon vastly different countries.

Yeah, we make a good group portrait, don't we? My Grandma really isn't so old, I'm thinking early 70's, maybe, but we don't really know since she was born in an era where birth certificates were something of a luxury. In fact, a lot of my aunts and uncles have the same birthdays for the same reason.

In general, we Susi's have a knack for not looking our ages. My dad is 51 and he looks like he could be my big brother. I'm 23 and I haven't been carded at a bar since I was a minor. My half-niece there is 14. So you see, it goes both ways.