Help Build a Theatre in the Philippines

My father's old school is building a general-purpose theatre/auditorium, and has approached the family for help. We already built their new Library, and as they're asking for about $4,000.00 US, we mineaswell start what we've finished, especially as we feel it's a readily attainable sum.

It's a drop in the bucket for a Third World country like the Philippines, given the problems they're facing. But it's something that can be done, and it should be done, and goddammit we're doing it and that's why I love my family.

If you want to chuck some pocket change our way in support of said cause, know that you yourself will win much praise here, not to mention the undying affection of one who is descended from a glorious line of rascals, poisonous doctors, barangay captains and blessed matriarchs. Give me a shout at savagecentipede@yahoo.com.

yours in foul-mouthed, broken-hearted, gut-twisted insomniac splendor,



The Lioness said...

Paul dahling, go to my Nerdiction category and look for a post called "Blogger needs jay's help" and scroll down to red text, it will tell you how to fix your blog posts being shoved to the bottom, it's bcs of the pics, a pixel problem. If so, it's easy to fix.

The Lioness said...

Now that I've actually READ the post: is it alright if I contribute w a ridiculously small amount of money? And I mean ridiculous.

paulmonster said...

You're a rockstar, dear Lioness.

ROCKSTAR. Do you hear me? R-O-C-K-fucking-S-T-A-R.