Late last night, on my way home, deer chased the shadows around my headlights. A pair moved into the feeble arc of light, their eyes silently searching me. Slowing to a standstill, I stopped and held the moment.


The Lioness said...

Lovely. Lucky you. The closest I had was a huge owl flying right across my windscreen one night. Oh, and the kestrel pair that lives and breeds - or used to - on the building across mine, the male once flew up along the side of the building as I opened my window and we scared each other mightily. I live in Lisbon, this was brilliant. They are gorgeous. Animals always are, isn't it. (not cockroaches, though)(cockroaches are not worthy of the name)

paulmonster said...

Yes, animals always are brilliant. Owls also sweep past on the dark-moon evenings here, no doubt chasing down small furry things or evil spirits or something of that nature, brusquely flashing their tailfeathers at me as I lumber past on these pithy Vermont roads. The deer, thus far, have only greeted me once.

The cat Toast, on the other hand, regularly sleeps on my lap, much to the embarrasment of mine hosts here, to whom she shows only a modicum of affection. Or so I'm told. Overall, I do feel quite lucky.

Thank you for commenting, dear Lioness. I admire your blog greatly, and visit often. Cheers,