Exit Stage Left. Intermission.

Okay kids, listen up, I'll be going airborne again in the morning, and gauging from how exhausted I am at the moment (having just closed "The Drawer Boy" and struck the set and moved the heavy appliances and platforms from one side of this ice-rimed city to the other), I'm probably going to be out of radio contact for some time. Plus, there's no telling how hostile conditions will be upon my return to Portland, where the coffee flows freely and the wild beasts roam.

In my absence, I commend you to the good folks at the Sherlock Holmes Society , featuring such recorded radio treasures as Sir John Gielgud's Sherlock Holmes, with Sir Ralph Richardson's Dr. Watson, pitted against none other than Orson Welles as Professor Moriarty. (The title of that particular episode is "The Final Problem"--look under the Sir John Gielgud and Sir Ralph Richardson link)

Knock yourselves out. Don't stay up too late. Remember to live like monarchs among mortals, and keep the stove stoked with firewood while I'm gone.

my best to all things Vermont,



The Lioness said...

Have a good one Paul, hope Monster is properly accomodated.

paulmonster said...

Thanks, Lioness! All is safely stowed. Monster sends much love,