And the Government Shall Be Upon His Shoulders

This was going to be a clever post about how I hate Christmas even though I still attend the Midnight Mass for little more than sentimental reasons. About how I used to think that there's nothing on this earth that a decent brass section couldn't improve, until I heard the Choir's brass ensemble rendition of "Silent Night", and nearly popped a blood vessel in my head, it was so god-awful.

But now I'm just angry about this Guardian Article I just read, and once again I'm feeling singularly disenchanted with my country right now. Just in time for the holiday. Fucking self-righteous bigoted ignorant dumbshit Republican ass-hats.

No doubt things will look better in the morning. Incidentally, if anyone in the world right now has some extra whup-ass lying around, could you send it our way? We could really use it. Thanks.


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The Lioness said...

OH MY GOD!!!!! Tis a nightmare alright. No whup-ass available I'm afraid, we're still reeling from America's choice/"choice". You'll kill us all, either literally or of disgust. Not to be mean or anything but, bad as Portugal can be, I give daily thanks for having been born European. You poor people. Us poor people. Oof.

On a brighter note, you are bloody funny, your comment was fab! :DDDD Dress warm, it gets terribly cold at night.