Okay, everyone, I was kidding. I am NOT moving to Baker St--as far as I know, there is no Baker St. in Portland. I thought more people would catch all the Sherlock Holmes references I made, but apparently my quirky, I've-been-packing-five-thousand-boxes-of-books-for-the-last-72-hours sense of humor eludes us all.

(To be truthful, when I read my post from early, early this morning, not even I could rightly understand it.)

I'm moving to a pleasant suite of rooms on the upper floor of a house over in the Hawthorne area. My roommate is a kickass fellow theatre-type who travels nearly as much as I do. No, she is not an amateur detective.

And for convenience' sake, the Woman Responsible for the End of My Splendid Isolation lives just up the street. so it's all good.

So thank you, everyone, for your cheerful, touching concern that I might in fact be moving in with a crack addict.


JJ-Wan Kenobi said...

hmmm...kinda ironic how I said I should read more books. Ironic in an Alanis Morisette Canadian-sell out kinda way...doh!!! Another pop culture ref!?!

Anonymous said...

Dear Paulmonster,

I caught (and thoroughly enjoyed) all of your Sherlock Holmes references, being a dedicated Holmesian geek of many years running now. I really hope you're still involved in Fuente Ovejuna....I'm stage managing and would love to work with you again, as well as experience that delicious Paulmonster wit in person. Is your new roomie someone I know?

Best of best on your Phillipines expedition, and hopefully see you next month.