sic itur ad astra

I'm leaving my bunker-apartment, for a suite of rooms overlooking Baker Street. The landlady is a nice old widow named Mrs. Hudson, who bakes a mean shepherd's pie. Her tea tastes like boiled cauliflower, however.
Luckily for me, a roommate has materialized quite miraculously, out of the thinning fog, as it were. He's a strange sort of fellow, addicted to crack cocaine, partial to deerhunter caps. I don't really know what he does for a living, but he seems nice enough. Ta for now,

T-10 Days to Philippines Expedition


JJ-Wan Kenobi said...

You're joking about the crack addict roomate thing, right? Haven't you seen Samuel L. Jackson's performance as a crack addict in "Jungle Fever"? They'll screww you in the end big time!!!

Anyhoo I was meaning to respond to your blog about watching "Ray" with your mom. I thought it funny that I took my dad to see "Beyond The Sea" that very same week. Kinda like that mirror universe Classic Star Trek episode, sans the goatee (Would I be Evil Spock or you?) I literally had to shush my dad when songs like "Mack The Knife" and " Beyond The Sea" came on...screw Kevin Spacey my dad IS Bobby Darin!!!

Thanks so much for what you're doing for my mom in the Philippines. You're kinda like Sonny in The Godfather, our 'consigleri'. Cool huh?

This may me of some comfort to you, apparently the mayor of Manila is the 'Shaft' of the Islands and he's cleaned up the city!!! No more shanties under the bridges, no more mounds of garbage in the streets! No more styrofoam floating in the Bay...

Guess you can forget packing your DMB tape.


PS, Wow! I just made, like, 7 pop culture references...I gotta read more or something.

paulmonster said...

Think nothing of it, chief. And for the record, the consigliere is Tom Hagen/Robert Duvall. Sonny is James Caan, who gets massacred on the Causeway.

How's that for pop-culture-mania?