On Why I'm Jealous

She's on the East Coast right now, visiting friends. And she gets to visit the new MOMA. The renovated, $20.00 per ticket, "I've-Got-More-Art-Than-The-Pope" MOMA. The "I would sacrifice one of my eyes like Odin to spend twelve hours there" MOMA.

Yeah, maybe I miss her a little bit. And I would certainly like to have been able to meet her good friends back east. But the crux of the matter is that she gets to visit the MOMA and I still haven't yet and this situation is frankly untenable. Bah. [kicks dirt and pouts, waves dismissive hand gestures]

Happy MLK Jr.'s Birthday, everybody. Remember to speak in rich, stentorian, emotionally eloquent tones whenever the powers be oppressing you.




JJ-Wan Kenobi said...

Weird...I started reading your blog when Pride (In The Name Of Love) by U2 came on my computer. Very fitting for this day. I didn't even realize it was MLK Day...us silly Canadians adrift in our own private utopia. OK maybe a song about MLK randomly playing whilst I read your blog mentioning MLK on MLK Day may not be that weird.

Maybe that I listen to nothing but all of my U2 CDs/singles/pirated live albums that I've ripped onto my computer at work all day is weird. That might explain why my buddy in IT insisted I listen to his War Of The Worlds CD...weird.

By the way, who is "She"? Is "She" a lyrically hypothetical "she", as in "She's a mystery girl..." or "She feels the ground is giving way..." or "She moves in mysterious ways..."?

Or is "she" someone who has a name like Eleanor or Sarah or perhaps a tomboyish name like Stevie or Dale or Jo?

Riddle me this, Caped Crusader!?!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderfully weird place the internet is. I met you at SEP and I believe that you owe me a letter. Cheers,

paulmonster said...

Whoa. That's amazing.

If I remember correctly, Amelia, it's you who owes me a letter...

Anonymous said...

You know, sometimes I wonder if the mail delivery (either of the postal variety or the electronic) system really is pretty unreliable or if people are just incapable of admitting that they didn't return a message. Realistically speaking, most people don't correspond until they both drop dead so one person or the other has to not write back--unless there is some sort of mail eating monster that prematurely ends the correspondance (if so I vote that we call him "Fluffy"). This should probably be a question on a personality test-if you believe that people just stop writing you can be classified as grounded but with a somewhat bleak outlook and if you believe in Fluffy then you are optimistic about people but a little bit touched and if you believe there is some logical reason that involves neither lazy people nor monsters then you are just no fun. Okay, that was a bit longer than strictly necessary but I am on my last couple of hours of a five and a half week winter vacation (ah the joys of grad school) and in the last week I have made the transition from happily mellow to bored out of my mind.

paulmonster said...

Okay, Amelia.
Upon careful, painstaking research in the extensive archives here at Polyform International, I've determined that it is in fact maybe possible that I in fact maybe owe you a letter. Possibly.
Evidence suggests that the Postal Monster was not involved in this particular exchange. (But you can never rule out the grubby little miscreant.)
Irregardless, seeing as how letters and letter writing and stamps and what not continue to monopolize much of my laughably delapidated life, I would be delighted to resume a long lost correspondence, provided it would not too terribly impinge on your grad school efforts. Or something.
Let me know the good word; savagecentipede@yahoo.com

And for all you yahoos out there who have just learned my e-mail: you can have a letter too, if you want.