You know how when suddenly everything feels like one massive clusterfuck and you're doing shit-all to keep it all together? When there's fifty-seven thousand things to be done and there ain't no one home but you? When Visigoths, Alemanni, Vandals, Neo-cons and the Living Dead all want to take your ass through the nine infernal circles of pain, Right Now? It just gets hard to keep floating like a butterfly and stinging like a bee, is all I'm saying.

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Sally said...

Sorry to respond so late to this, but I've been hither-and-yon-ing a bit myself, and just sat down at my computer for the first time in something like 48 hours.

I know very well what that feeling is like, and all I can say, from my vast years of experience, is that eventually, many of the things will solve themselves if left long enough. It will all work out in one way or another, even if you end up not having the time to fix it yourself.

Good luck to you.