Othello Lives

The good folks at Portland Actor's Ensemble put up a still from last year's Othello in their banner. I miss my beard.




sirbarrett said...

You look so distinguished in that coat with your beard. The banner says Macbeth but you strike me more as an Othello. Was that who you were actually playing? You look the war hero who's seen a lot and lived a lot.

JJ-Wan Kenobi said...

Paul, you actually look more like Philip Michael Thomas in the third season of 'Miami Vice'when Crockett lost the Daytona Spyder to some rocket launcher-testing arms dealers and Tubbs gained a little more weight and grew a beard. Both Vice cops were wearing less pastel colours and more earth tones to indicate a darker grittier season.

Yes, looking at you as Othello I could just imagine you in your two-piece dark purple Armani with .38 snub nose revolver in hand, and me in my "no socks, no collar, all 'tude in an earth tone suit" garb as we kick down neon-lit doors screaming "Miami Vice!!! Freeeeze!!!"

Sensing retaliation I fire my platinum Bren 10 wildly into the room, the muzzle flash temporarily blinding our adversaries.

And after booking those suckas we climb into my white Testarossa, I gun the engine and we drive off into the 80's sunset.

Move over Colin Farrell and Jamie Fox, here come Paul and Jer.

(Cue 'Miami Vice' theme song, flamingos frolicking on lawns and speed boats hydroplaning past cruise ships in Miami harbor).