kites and polar-grizzlies

I really love Newport.

I picked up a panda, an elephant and a Clydesdale horse at Sandcastle Toys.

I got myself a winged box kite at The Kite Company.

I almost bought myself a French Military Box Kite, but then I would have had to've surrendered to somebody.

After flying my kite on Nye Beach, I walked up to the famous Sylvia Beach Hotel, which was beautiful and awesome. I really must stay there someday. I was able to look into the Melville and the Edgar Allen Poe rooms--the latter even has a pendulum over the bed!

Between these and the aforementioned Rogue Brewery and the Oregon Coast Aquarium, I've half a mind to pitch a tent and stick around out here for some time to come.


Thus far, 25 rocks. More soon.

paulmonster-Ursus maritimus horribilis

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JJ-Wan Kenobi said...


Ah yes, 25 is indeed the alpha and AND the omega, isn't it? On my 25th I was overcome with a feeling that life was now a slippery slope with nowhere to go but downhill. But 7 years later I can tell you that slope was more like a ramp and depending on your approach you can either bail or catch air like Icarus (minus the melting wing wax).

It's no secret I'm a huge U2 fan. As I read your current entry I was listening to the song 'Kite' from the album All That You Can't Leave Behind. It's a song that sounds like the soundtrack to your moment, Paul...


...right down to "the taste of the salt in the sea".

Happy Birthday, cousin. Keep warm and stay cool, and I hope you can still make it up next weekend. Just remember to bring your saber and that special little plastic thing from NYC...we've got some moves to practice in my backyard.