In Praise of Extraordinary Things

Your diligent servants here at Polyform International HQ have uncovered the following extraordinary things:
  • The American Chesterton Society, where you will find practically everything you ever wanted to know about one of my favorite authors. His birthday was just the other day, I think.
  • Video Journalist Ruud Elmendorp has arguably the best name I've ever heard, in addition to very well made vlogs from Africa
  • I get most of my news from the International Herald Tribune, which I first got addicted to in my last couple of trips to Europe. It's effectively a distillation of the NY Times, with an emphasis on international affairs and commerce, so you don't have to wade through all that fashion crap.
  • I really love these t-shirts.
  • This site is really handy.
  • Jolie Holland is coming to the Aladdin Theater on the 15th of June. I'm so there.
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That's all. Back to work, the lot of you.


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