Ruination Day

It's the 2nd anniversary of my Grandpa's death. Today, I'll be working on some scripts for my kindergarten class up at Ainsworth Elementary, and then building puppets with them and rehearsing a brief little story with them. This afternoon, I'll be attending a family prayer up at the cemetery, and I'll visit my maternal grandparents, there, too. In the evening I'll be attending a play at the theatre, and then getting some sleep.


JJ-Wan Kenobi said...

Hey Paul,

Say "Hello" to Grandma and Grandpa for me, and greetings to your Father's side as well.

I couldn't judge from your last e-mail if you are heading up North at the end of this month or not. If so (and I would appreciate a definitive 'yes' or 'no' at some point so that I can roll out the moisture vaporators and tidy up the sand 'round our new digs) just remember mi-Mos Eisley es su-Mos Eisley. You will never find a more welcoming hive of scum and villainy.

Let me know if you can do that favour for us. Amy was just in NYC and it seems silly asking you to obtain an antique wall phone for us, but when you see 'Garcia Castle' you will understand.

Keep warm, stay cool.

Your Kuzz,


sirbarrett said...

It must be nice to create something for fresh minds to work with. I thought about my Grandfather today too. Interesting to see parts of the history in stories that live on past their authors and protagonists unfold. Dream beautiful things.