All week I've been teaching and performing all day workshops--that is, oftentimes two performances per day plus at least two workshops with as many as 80 kids per workshop. When not expertly and fearlessly tossing my puppets around, I am a squishy puddle of goo that hardly has the energy to lift a finger. Especially when the really lovely kindergarten teachers walk by.

Such breakneck pacing is perfect for also working on a monumentally ambitious London project that comes replete with at least two more performance runs/happenings back in Portland, both before and after the English Invasion, in the latter half of July. And there's a benefit piece I'm working on, too... more on that soon.

I'm in Redmond right now, much comforted and fortified by the sight of such beautiful and intimate mountains just outside my window, and the rivers and the high desert air and the gorgeous kindergarten teachers. I have a room in a motel with a kitchen and a tub, which makes me very happy.

Stay tuned, more soon--

paulmonster-mt. bachelor

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