The View of the Audience.

The View of the Audience., originally uploaded by paulmonster.

Looking from onstage into the audience. That's me with my trusty battle-bike, to give a sense of scale. But in truth, there's much more space for people to set up around us; this is where the heart of the audience will probably be.


racer X said...

This is a very pretty space. Where is it precisely?

paulmonster said...

It's the Lovejoy Fountain, roughly on SW 3rd and Harrison in downtown Portland, OR. 'Roughly', because those city blocks were given over to high-rise housing and corporate developments some 20 years ago, and the surface streets and intersections were converted to lovely parkways and fountains, as seen here. It's tucked away in the fabric of the city, and I'd never seen or heard of it prior to working on this show.