The Playing Space.

The Playing Space., originally uploaded by paulmonster.

This is the magnificent stage where we'll be playing. Beyond the frame, there's more water, tall apartments and office buildings, postmodern architecture, lovely trees. Goats and Monkeys!!


The Lioness said...

Oh look, there's Paul! *Cheery wave*

That setting is amazing!

Sallyacious said...

It is indeed a gorgeous setting. How hard is projecting above the sound of the running water going to be?

Congratulations, by the way. I admire your drive and your humility. Oh. Do me a favor, and don't do what another actor I know did. Trust yourself. Don't react to the fear by getting the director to cut every line you're afraid of until Othello's part is no bigger than anyone else's.

You can do this, you know. And then you can revisit it in ten years and do it again with what you've learned in the meantime.

paulmonster said...

Thanks, Sally Babamfa. (You have to say it like, "ba-BAMfa!", the stress on the second syllable, just because it scans better that way.) (Aside: Sally just completed a BA-MFA program, hence the scansion surrounding her cumulative honorifics.)

We've got contacts with the Water Dept., and they'll be shutting off the water for our performances, leaving standing pools for me to wade through for my landfall at Cyprus in the top of Act II and so forth. The "sword of Spain," "of the ice-brook's temper" literally draws forth, a la Excalibur, from the edge of just such a pool. It's going to be great.

And thanks for the encouragement. Say it with me, all you Fremen: "I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. It is the little death..."