I don't know, I guess I'm just link-happy this month.

  • My good friend and former castmate Anders Lijleholm hosts OMSI's Sound Science podcast. Anders is good people. The kind of guy who puts the 'fu' in kung-fu. The crazy thing is, his Mom was my high school guidance counselor. Oftentimes I feel like Portland is so tiny, you could've smuggled it into West Berlin on a microdot. (...I'm rather jealous of Anders' job...)
  • Sometimes you just have to Ask a Ninja.
  • Running on empty? Gasbuddy will fix you up right nice. (Christ on a stick, what Arab nation do we have to invade to get affordable gas again? My American dream is just billowing out the tailpipe here. Now, if only there were a healthy, affordable yet still individualistic transport alternative to rely on these days.)
  • I visit this site daily. I keep thinking maybe they'll show my home one of these days.
  • This place really makes me want to be a writer.
  • I got this from Rocketboom again. Really wonderful-excellent.
  • Someone please say they'll come see this play with me. Third Rail is a kickass theatre here in PDX, and I'm really excited to see their latest effort.
  • My notebook aspires to look like this. (Not quite there yet.)
  • It's deeply reassuring to me that you can still listen to the BBC these days.


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The Lioness said...

Paul-monster ronaldinho!!! Noooooooooooo! he's not even handsome and you are! Ichs.