For Those of Us Keeping Score (an homage to the Harper Index)

Number of bottles of beer that can fit in my backpack, in addition to my notebook, stamp portfolio, letter-writing kit, Book of Days, and minimum 3 books being read: 12.

Pages of "Ulysses" read since starting again on Bloomsday: 27.

Loads of laundry finished since ending Tour: 10.

Number of times I've had to move my car while at work because of stupid parking meters: 11.

Number of weeks at my new job: 2.

Things I've crossed off my Critical To-Do List in Those 2 Weeks: 2.

Things I've added to my Critical T0-Do List in Same Period: 6.

Keys on my keychain: 10.

Phone numbers in my cell phone: 116.

Letters Sent this week: 3.

Record number of hot dogs eaten in one day: 5.

Translations of Ovid in my Library: 4.

Water bottles lost: 2.



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