I'm dusting off the cobwebs and firing up the old polyform engine again. For some reason, one post from back in March keeps attracting the blogspam-o-matic anonymice. Otherwise, things look quite like the way I left them, back in July.

This is strictly an experiment, I'm making no promises. Since I'm on the road so much again, I need to streamline the mass e-dispatches once more and it just makes sense. Also, I'd like to think that things have settled and healed and moved along since the harsher depredations of the summer. We shall see.

I spent today in Hood River, touring 'Red Mare' and teaching puppetry workshops to grade-schoolers; this was great gobs of fun, except for the physical toll of getting up at 4:30 in the morning and hauling all our gear up a cruel flight of stairs and setting up, performing, and performing again all before noon. Still, great gobs of gooey fun. I Love Kids.

Hood River is a beautiful town on the Columbia River Gorge, about an hour east of Portland. We saw mist wreathing the hills on either side of the River, making floating islands out of tree-lined hilltops.

I am exhausted, and behind, and poor. But undaunted, and much smitten. Allons,



Savtadotty said...

Welcome Back! I was just about to delete you from my Blogroll, and thought I'd check one last time...so glad I did.

paulmonster said...

Thanks for keeping the faith, Savtadotty. It's good to see you, too.

sirbarrett said...

Smitten eh? Much better poor and undaunted than rich and plagued by fear.