Windows and Armchairs

Windows and Armchairs, originally uploaded by paulmonster.

For those of you looking here to see where I read, This is Where I Read (More books out of frame).


The Lioness said...

Oh I loved seeing these pics! It's always a thrill to see the inside of people's lives.

sirbarrett said...

That is an awesome painting. Is it a self-portrait? It looks like you.

paulmonster said...

It is not a self-portrait. It is a portrait of me. A portrait painted by an ex-, and frankly I don't know what to do with it.

You are right, it is an awesome painting, and it captures a great deal about me. She is a fabulous painter. I just wish these things resolved a bit more neatly, the Aristotelian in me wants nice little cubby-holes in which to place one's emotions, but this is eminently not the case. Yes, thankfully so.

sirbarrett said...

Yeah, it looks like the Aristotelian might just have to put up with a light thrashing. You may not be able to put emotions in neat little cubbyholes, but in this case you can hang them on the wall to stare back at you. At least you know your emotions are looking out for you, and depending on which way you face when you're hanging out in your room, they've also got your back.