I Am Invincible

I ran 3 miles in 26 minutes this morning, with my father. It's Week 1 of the Portland Fit Marathon Training regime. And that, my friends, is an 8 2/3 minute mile.

As you might expect, I'm flooded with congratulatory telegrams, keys of the city, oppressive floral arrangements and bevies of beautiful women. Olympic sprinters all over the world tremble under their fast-wilting laurels. The Wheaties people are knocking down my door again.

But I know better. This morning's triumph is but fleeting (or at the very least, walking very quickly with a little bounce in the step to give the illusion of slowly jogging). We've got 27 more weeks between now and The Marathon on the 9th of October. And just to be clear, that's 26 miles of pure, distilled, hamstringing human endeavor we're talking about.

With steely resolve and thighs like tree trunks, I say BRING IT.



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sirbarrett said...

Wicked man. Test your limits. I can tell you are committed. May the outcome be fruitful.