Absconding to Vermont

I've just accepted a project with the Vermont Stage Company (www.vtstage.org). I'll be working on "The Drawer Boy" by Michael Healey, a play which was recently produced back here in Portland with some fanfare. I read the script last night, and I very much love it.
So it looks like me and the Big Blue Monster are hitting the road again. In just over two weeks, to be exact.
I know I'll be disappointing colleagues at H2M back here by going east for six weeks. And this certainly made for an agonizing decision for me, in these circumstances. But the offer of a good part in a strong script with some mighty professionals, one of whom I've worked with before, plus respectable treatment--as in a decent wage and plane tickets--all of this made for an offer I can't refuse. If only because, try as I might, for some reason I just can't induce my rent to pay for itself. Go figure.
So if any of you, dear readers, are out in Vermont-way, let me know.

More soon,


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