Southwards Bound

I'm heading south to Santa Cruz, performing in "Wind in the Willows" at Shakespeare Santa Cruz. Quite stoked. Am playing Mr. Badger, which I find most apt.

I'm looking forward to a sojourn away from Stumptown--leaving something is the surest way to teach me how much I need it. Also, I'm about due for some serious California exposure.

I'm also looking forward to kick-starting my letter-writing habit once more, as typical of all my road adventures. And this time, thanks to my friend Jen, I have a digital camera to play with. With any luck, letters and blogging should pick up right quick.

Due to last-minute scheduling silliness, I had to forego my customary karaoke send-off, much to my disappointment. Still, know that I miss and love you all. Look for more soon.