Letter to B.--

A very happy Easter to you, too!  Thanks so much for your letter!

I did in fact observe the vigil this year, for both the Western and the Eastern dates, but in both cases I was up all night for work here at the homeless youth shelter.

I'm sorry to hear of the physical obstacles you face; it's true that if you were in town, I'd be happy to make time to attend both our respective services with you.  Easter Vigil was always my favorite service when I was an acolyte, both for the spiritual magnitude, and for the unabashed theatricality of the ceremony.

This time of year, from just before Roman Easter to now, tends to be hard for me.  It's the anniversary of my beloved Grandpa's passing.  In my life, unlucky things have tended to cluster around this date--relationship problems, trouble at work, car accidents.  It always requires an effort on my part to remember to look for the good and the lighthearted, particularly at this time of year.

This year was no exception to the pattern: here at work, one of the youths staying at this shelter nearly overdosed on heroin while I was on shift about a week ago. We called an ambulance in time to keep him from dying, but it was a close call, and his addiction has made him extremely difficult to deal with, in the aftermath. In my one of work I've found that I have endless patience for those who have self-awareness and humility, even just a little bit.  I have absolutely no patience for smugness and obliviousness, even when that's due to their addiction itself.  It's definitely a problem I work on, both professionally and personally...

Anyways, I should close this letter shortly, as my shift ends soon and I have rehearsals to prepare for...

Thanks again for your letter.  It's great to hear from you, and I wish you a joyous Easter season...



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