I make a point of keeping a certain number of very essential items in my messenger bag at all times. Throat coat, Emergen-C, a water bottle or a thermos of coffee, and four or five bars of Snickers. And that, my friend, is how to be ready for anything.

At work right now there's a nasty bout of bronchitis-inducing bugs going around. At rehearsals, a number of castmates have been fighting their scratchy throats for quite some time. At three weeks from opening, things look healthy, but there's plenty of work to be done and time keeps ploughing ahead. This week alone has clipped past me faster than I've been okay with. I look at the March calendar racing away and I tremble.

When I'm at work, the shifts drag long, punctuated by short sharp shocks of frenzied activity. I get home and sleep hits me, and hits me, and hits me again before I can say stop.



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