goats and monkeys!

I just got cast in NW Children's Theatre's upcoming "Romeo & Juliet", opening at the end of March.

This was going to be the Winter of Capulets, since Blue Monkey Theatre had also offered me a part in their upcoming R & J, opening in February, but, unfortunately, their opening conflicts with 3rd Rail Repertory's "Number 3," which is about to open and closes on the 11th (I'm doing backstage run crew for the latter). (The scheduling math is all very confusing, I know.)

Which is sad, but bearable, especially since I account it an honor indeed to be cast at all, much less on both ocassions. All things being equal, I am quite content.


This New Year quite frankly jumped up and bit me. I was dozing in my armchair with a blanket and a stack of books when the digits turned over, no doubt a fair indication of the degree of festivity with which I will continue to observe these seasons to come.

A minimalist narrative of the ball-drop moment, as experienced by myself:

[blink.] [sip tea.] [look at clock.] [shrug.] [sip tea.] [reach for whisky.] [blink.]


Happy New Year, everyone. Health and thunder-love to you all.


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