I'm looking for an extra part-time job to supplement my sadly anemic income stream right now.

  • I'd like to actually make more money than I spend doing said occupation.
  • Must not involve murdering or torturing small children or animals. (I've had quite enough of that particular career track, thank you very much.)
  • No gratuitous anaesthetization of my soul, please.
Possible candidates thus far:
  • Deliver papers at the butt-crack of dawn.
  • Drive trucks to deliver papers to the people who deliver papers at the butt-crack of dawn.
  • Sexton for a progressive church.
  • Dispatch trucks for a manufacturing company.
  • Appointment Setter for an alternative health care concern.
  • Addiction/Detox worker for a nonprofit.
  • Sales clerk for a chocolate boutique.

Looking for a job is fun, in that deadening, grimly sardonic sort of way. In the meantime, I'm posting a lot here to 1) make up for those lost months and 2) participate in National Blog Posting Month. Because I'm Just That Cool. (I'll put up the logo decal in a little bit.)

Please, save your craven, petty, overwrought and jealous passions for later.




Amy said...

Um.... considering the state I am in right now, I would have to go with Chocolate sales clerk boutique. Because there is something just so darn fantasmical about that beautiful,deep and oh so delicous beast that make me want him so.

Anonymous said...

Oh bloody, bloody hell, my comment done be eaten up. This beta is giving me grief!

What a nice, clean, fresh look now, you too? It suits you. Rock on with your airy bad self!

Anonymous said...

(oh wait! You moderate comments! Feel free to delete this one and the last, daftness warrants it! Smooches)