Annual Bridge Pedal Triumph.

Here are some pictures of the latest Providence Bridge Pedal here in Portland.

The Annual Bridge Pedal is one of the things I love the most about Portland. You really haven't lived until you've zoomed down the Interstate on a Bianchi touring bike with not a single automotive vehicle in sight.




Sallyacious said...

I love the picture taken on (I think) the Belmont Bridge. Your smile is so wonderful.

You know that one of the reasons I cherish our friendship is the unapologetic joy you bring to life? You're never embarrassed about being happy, about relishing the sweetness, and your happiness reminds me that it's okay for me to be that happy too.

paulmonster said...

Thanks, Sally. I'm glad my "I'm still six years old" shtick still works from time to time. For myself, it's not always easy to remember the very things you mention.

The pictures were taken on the Marquam and the Fremont Bridges, both of them Interstate bridges that were shut down all morning. All around us were signs that said "Seattle [this way]" or "Salem [over yonder]" or "Ocean Beaches [change lanes NOW]".