A number of key works, including the above listed, are starting to catalyze some profound movements hereabouts. It's making me feel lighthearted and hopeful, in a determined and seriously sober way.

I remember a moment back in high school, when I was a sophomore and it was one of those afternoons when it had just rained something torrential, but then the sun came out and all of Portland was a freshly discovered and shining city from some French Impressionist painting, all shimmering and blooming, and this incredibly voluptuously beautiful girl I had a crush on was standing on my toes, because she didin't want to get her feet wet on the shining pavement.

I feel kind of like that right now. But in a platonic way.


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sirbarrett said...

That sounds like a beautiful moment. I thank you for sharing it because it makes my heart light too. I've gained my faith back and I've added them to my writings, so I ask you give "faith" back unto my "writings of" in your sidebar as the title of my blog. Would you be so kind? That way you'll help me get back my "writings of faith". Since I have faith in you, I'll thank you in advance.