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The World Center for Birds of Prey rocks my world. Watch out for Peregrine Falcons diving in from the sun.

I stay here when I'm in Boise because Elsa is a fabulous host and I get to sleep in a roomful of empty bunkbeds, with big picture windows opening onto the cold Idaho stars.

The Rockfish Grill in Anacortes make excellent beer, and a damn fine fish and chips, to boot. I even like the logo.

Boundary Bay Brewery in Bellingham poured the best pint of stout I'd had in a long, long time. God, I love alcohol.

David Millstone is a dedicated, powerful actor, a very smart and perceptive man, and a fine friend.


Anonymous said...

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paulmonster said...

Whoah, you spammers are quick.

I can't figure out why my links aren't showing up, but I'll fix that later. Think of the above as a teaser.


Sallyacious said...

I got a letter from Pa-ul. I got a letter. I got a letter. I got a letter hey hey hey hey!

I got home and there was ANOTHER letter from you. YAY!!!

Which got me thinkin'. Where will you be the first weekend in December?

Because I will be in Shoshone and Twin Falls, judging the Ideeho state high school dramma competition. And if you're 'round those parts, ahd love ta see ya. (With my luck, that's the weekend you're in Moscow. I know how these things work.)

Let me know.